2008 Egyptian Event Results

By: Liz Salmon

Photos: Carol Maginn

In my opinion this years Event was certainly the best that I've seen since I first attended in 1993. The entries were up considerably with deep, quality classes, the judging was the fairest and least political that I've ever seen—I saw no sign of politics for a change. The atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and friendliness. The winners were spread across the board from very unknown small breeders to the larger farms. I interviewed many people on their opinions and always seemed to get the same answer—it was fair, fun and non political. Of course there will always be some eyebrow raising scores because judges do have personal preferences.


One thing that pleased me is that finally, movement is being given far more consideration than in the past, resulting in much higher movement scores than the usual 17s & 18's. A new procedure this year was to let horses come in one at a time and show their movement first.  This resulted in some over enthusiastic plastic bag shaking and some horses showing either just a canter or an unbalanced trot, while being lunged all the way down the rail. Those trainers who could run and get their horses balanced to show some good strides certainly benefitted. It was interesting that some trainers got the fast athletic trainers to do the trotting part !! The horses then withdrew to await their turn for the standing up part of the class.

As usual there some great and very informative lectures and seminars to attend starting with Amateur Halter Handling, Population Genetics with Dr. Banks, Western Equitation, English Equitation, Endurance—The Tevis Cup experience, Advances in Equine Reproduction with Whit Byers. "Don't judge a book by  it's cover " with Joe Ferris, Legacy Mares Moniet El Nefous with Cynthia Culbertson. The Babolna Stud of Hungary and it's influence of Straight Egyptian Breeding with Tziah Idan.

In addition their two presentations of the stallion showcase, the barn parties on Thursday evening and the Gala Dinner Dance and Auction, as well as the EBC Live Stallion Breeding Auction; so the week was fun filled and highly educational. In between all that there were the classes to watch. The amateur classes were well filled and there were some nice geldings too. I do think though that more needs to be done for geldings, as not every colt is stallion material by any means and owners need to be encouraged to geld more frequently. The Hunter Pleasure classes were some of the best I've seen here, particularly the open class. Once again the endurance rides were well organised and fun for the competitors.

The three judges came from far afield. Majdi Al  Saleh from Jordan, Scott Benjamin from Canada and Marie-Louise van Wyk from South Africa. They did an excellent job in the sweltering heat, which was enhanced by the spotlights in centre ring. The open classes started on Monday morning with the female Most Classic Head won by the exotic Imperial Shehaabah (Imperial Shehaab x Imperial Baarikah). Winning the title for the male Most  Classic Head was Thee Fyresteed (Mishaal HP x Thee Crystabelle) another deserving win.

We next saw the two year old class for World Class Fillies. This was a lovely class with some exquisite very typey and good moving horses. Last years filly classes were very impressive, so I was not surprised to see a deep class here. It was won by Bint Tasaqqara (Botswana x Tasaqqara) a beautiful headed and very correct filly with good movement. In second place was Fire Queen SMF (Ali Saroukh x Shaia) an impressive filly with lots of presence and sparkle.

The first class on Tuesday was the World Class four and five year old mares. Again a wonderful class of eleven elegant ladies. Winning the blue was the flaxen maned, extremely  typey  chestnut EE Bella Lucia ( Hawkeye CC x  LS Thee Desiree) with another attractive filly Alia Valentino (Thee Desperado x Ali Maarlia) in second place.

The class for six to nine year old World Class mares was a little disappointing as it was mixed in quality, however there was nothing average about the winner here who was stunning in every way, obviously the judges thought so too as she scored very high marks in all categories. This was EHP Ayanna (Imperial Imdal x Dorian Fa Halima). Second to her was Thee Makers Rose (Thee Makers Mark x  TF Shardali) also a good moving and very typey mare with a great body.

Following those mares we watched the World Class two year old Colts. Quite a good class but plenty of gelding material in my opinion. The winner was the superb and very typey ,  excellent mover Shamas (Pimlico RCA x Minstrils Desert). In second place was another lovely colt REA El Kaream (PVA Kaream x REA Nisrs Angel) with all that it takes to be a good potential stallion. Funnily enough I have evaluated both these colts and liked them enormously.

The World Class Yearling fillies were in next. This was a big class with some lovely fillies, but also with some disappointing movers. Not so the winner who had everything going for her, type, great body, movement and huge eyes as well. This was TF Laureyna (Botswana x  Temima). Coming in second was the very feminine, typey  Jamalas Princess (Thee Desperado x Jamala Zaafinah) she certainly lived up to being a Princess!

In my opinion the yearling World Class colts was not a very impressive class—plenty of gelding material here. The winner Thee Epitome RCA (The Sequel RCA x Imdala RCA) was nice enough with type and a good body. Second was BL Awwal (Mishaal HP x Abriel RCA) a fairly typey and good bodied colt.

On Wednesday, the first class was for World Class Stallions of six to nine years old. It was an average class on the whole, but the top placed stallions were excellent. I just loved the winner as did the judges. Arabest Samir ( Akid Geshan x RA Amber Nabiel) has everything it takes to be the epitome of the breed, it was lovely to see him. Standing second to him was The Sequel (Thee Desperado x La Marsala) a very typey bay with a good body.

We then had preliminary judging of all the Straight Egyptian Futurity classes whose finals were held on Thursday and Friday. The first of these classes was the yearling fillies born from January 1st to April 15th. This was a wonderful class with some stunning fillies. Deservedly winning this one was Naadirah KA (Makhnificent KA x Isabella KA) she was an eyeful in every way and had great movement and presence. So many people tried to buy her, but she was definitely not for sale !! In second place was another gorgeous filly  with all that it takes to be at the top, this was DeSha Bellara (Amaar Al Rayyan x  Isabella HG).

The class for the younger Futurity yearling fillies was also a large, lovely class. Going to the top here was the very typey, elegant and refined Etaya Sudan Zahra (Imperial Mistaar x Etaya Shai Zahra) with another very attractive filly Belovedd Atheena FA (Mishaal HP x Belovedd Rose) in second place.

The older yearling colt class was small enough to go straight through to the finals. There were some very nice colts, and the winner was stunning—a chestnut colt with incredible movement and presence—he just loved himself and was sold to the UK when he hit the ring. He was MVA Colour Me Cool (True Colours x SKF Tiaara) he deservedly scored three 20s for movement. The second place colt  Jaleel ABC ( *Kenz Noor x Zahara Sharah) was also a very typey good mover, it was interesting to see a colt by *Kenz Noor in the ring.

The younger yearling colts class contained some very promising entries too. A very typey and good moving black colt prevailed in this class—one of the best blacks I've seen recently, this was Justynn (Alixir x Bint Bint Justina). In second place was AA Couture (Mishaal HP x Bint Bint Aminaa) with a great body , movement and excellent type.

The first class in on Thursday was the Extended Specialty Straight Egyptian mares aged three years. This was a very nice class with some high scores for type and movement. Bint Al Rayyah (Thee Asil x Emperial Sparkle) won this one with good scores for type and high movement scores. In second place was the lovely Grace of Sinan (Mishaal HP x Sammars Gift) She was purchased two years ago in very poor condition, so it was wonderful to see her looking so incredible and getting such good scores.

The four year old mares in this category were in next. A small class, but with good quality horses. Taking the blue was MA Lexina (Thee Desperado x Farralina) an exotic headed mare who scored very high marks for type. Another beautiful headed mare was second, DF Sharlis Lyric (Faaiq El Madheen x AK Fa Mahroufa) she was a big, stretchy, black mare with a great body.

Some good stallions came into the ring for the three year old stallion Extended Specialty Straight Egyptian class. Scoring five 20's the beautiful headed and good moving stallion  The Legend (Thee Desperado x Alia Shaniah) won from Scapa (Mishaal HP x Erie Anna) another promising stallion with type and movement.

The four year old stallions was small with some nice entries. It was won by Radaar Love (Shahir IASB x Semply Irazistabl) a very typey stallion with a great hip. In second place was Barakk ( Ali Aten x HF Allure) a very typey , desert looking stallion with good movement.

Disappointingly there was only one entry in the two year old Futurity Egyptian Sired filly class, but it was a good one in Fire Queen SMF (Ali Saroukh x Shaia). In fact all the classes in this category were small. The next one was for the two year old colts, only three entries were forward, but they were all of good quality. Winning this one was Pinnacle Desha (Richeous x  Om El Shadina) a beautiful, very correct and good moving colt who has very  illustrious parents. In second place was the attractive Ryac (Ali Rahaim x P Psychadelic). The yearling fillies just had two fillies as well won by  the good moving Sanctuary Shahkirah ( Thee Desperado x Passionate Bey) second was Ali Lynea (Ali Rahaim x La Princesca S). In the class for yearling colts there was only one but he was a good typey colt. This was TF Hassan (Botswana x SH Heumoresque).

The Produce of Dam had some great groups and was won by TF Nirvanah (Botswana x Ramses Noraglori) with a lovely collection of youngsters.

In the afternoon we started with a fabulous class of Futurity Straight Egyptian two year old fillies. Stepping into the winners circle was the sensational DeSha Indeed (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Asra Salaa) a stunning filly with great type and movement, closely resembling her famous sire. Coming a close second was Bassira ( Mishaal HP x Sabiha Raqqasa) another very impressive, elegant and refined filly.

The two year old colts contained some very promising potential stallion—some were being a bit too playful to show their best !! The winner was from the famous Kehailan Farm known to produce typey movers. This was Rajah KA ( Makhnificent KA x Rahimah KA) a stunning colt in every way who has been sold to New Zealand. He should have a great future there. In second place was REA  El Kaream (PVA Kaream x REA Nisrs Angel) with another good placing under his belt.

The World Class stallions of four and five years old was a fairly good class won by the very attractive, correct, typey  and good moving TF Afrikhan Shah ( Botswana x Rohara Shahblee) , He has already arrived in Belgium to be shown on the European circuit. I wish him luck and will follow his career with interest. Placing second was another very good stallion Majiid EQ (Shahir  x Miss Maggie Mae) he has lots of type, a great body and moves very well too.

The three year old World Class mares was won by Grace of Sinan (Mishaal HP x Sammars Gift) with  five scores of 20. As I said  before she was found in poor condition, so it was wonderful to see her win. In second place was Thee Tammens Passion (Thee Desperado x Tammens Ana) a refined and typey mare.

The Get of Sire had some excellent groups and was won by the typey group sired by Alimar Al Mar (Insignia Desha x Alia Mar). All the barn parties were held in the evening with a great variety of food and drink—it's always fun.

On Friday, the morning began with the small, but excellent class for World Class Mares aged ten and over. They were all greys but one and fabulous examples of the breed. The judges were so impressed they made an announcement about it. The winner was Shahara El Masr (Shahin El Masri x  Ramses Elite) a beautiful, typey mare with a great body. In second was Alia Shaniah (Shahir x Alia Riyala) an elegant and very typey, good moving mare. This was such a wonderful class to watch.

Recently I heard a good definition of 'Average'. If a horse does not excite you or offend you then it's average. This was my impression of the World Class three year old stallions; nothing really excited me. The first and second were very close in scores and looks. It was won by Thee Integrity ( Thee In fidel x Thee Asriel Salam) with Tzavu (Pimlico RCA x Mylea) in second place. Both were quite nice attractive horses.

Finally, the World Class stallions of ten and over. This was a small but excellent class with the top three of excellent type and conformation. In first place was the incredible and athletic Champion Working Western stallion Amiin+// (Ibn Morafic x The Markaysa). He is an amazing horse and deserved his win. In second was the wonderful and exotically typey Botswana (Thee Desperado x  The Minuet), it was great to see him in the ring. I remember looking at him when he was a weanling and thinking that he should go far—and he has. I believe that he has taken over as  the leading sire of winning Straight Egyptians with just 81 progeny. Coming in third and deserving a mention because he has been a great performance horse too was Shy Gafeen (Safeen x Gayleen RCA). I just wish that they wouldn't shoe horses with such large shoes and pads. It does not help their movement in my opinion.

The day finished with the usual Gala Dinner /Dance and art auction, which was enjoyed by all.

On Saturday morning the performance Championships were held, followed by the Egyptian Breeders Challenge Auction of breedings. These breedings are bought from a variety of stallions. The resulting foals can be shown as yearlings by amateurs with quite a large amount of money to be won. This year the judges for those classes were Ann Norden from Sweden and the two American judges Cecile Hetzel Dunn and Corky Sutton.

The evening performance started at 7 pm with the very popular Stick  Horse Class. This provides the very youngest children with an opportunity to have fun in the ring. It's great entertainment too. The first Championship was the one for the Junior and Reserve Filly. A superb array of fillies entered the ring. The Champion was announced as DeSha Indeed with Naadirah in Reserve.

Stick Class

Stick Class


Then it was the colts turn, Justynn prevailed in this Championship with Pinnacle Desha in Reserve.


JR. Champion Colt


Pinnacle Desha

Pinnacle Desha
Reserve JR. Champion Colt

Next into the ring entered a white Bentley carrying Don & Judith Forbis. It was a celebration of 50 years of breeding. They were seated in front of the judges tent to watch a video of their life—it was very moving and beautifully put together by Darryl Larson.

white Bentley carrying Don & Judith Forbis. It was a celebration of 50 years of breeding.

The Mares were next. What a fabulous sight of these incredible examples of the breed. The Champion was EHP Ayanna with EE Bella Lucia in Reserve. In the Supreme Championship EHP Ayanna again won but the Reserve this time was the Junior Female Champion DeSha Indeed. What a show for the De Shazers.

EHP Ayanna

EHP Ayanna
Champion Mare



EE Bella Lucia
Reserve Champion Mare

Desha Indeed

Desha Indeed
JR. Champion Filly

Naadirah KA

Naadirah KA
Reserve JR. Champion Filly


The very deserving stallion Champion and Supreme Champion was Arabest Samir with  The Legend in Reserve both times.

Stallion Champions

(L to R) The Legend, Res Supreme Champion Stallion
Arabest Samir Supreme Champion Stallion



Arabest Samir

Arabest Samir Supreme Champion Stallion


I believe that next year the horses will be coming in clockwise, since the overseas judges complained that the handler hides the shoulder movement of the horses if they come in anti clockwise. I have to say it makes sense and I much prefer it too. 


EBC Auction


In my opinion the show this year was wonderful, it has grown where AHA shows have not and the changes really  made a big difference. I thought that the horses were shown with more freedom and were happier, so they displayed more presence gaining better scores for movement. Maybe sometimes the scores were a little high, but bad legs were certainly noticed and scored accordingly. 

I look forward to next year with great anticipation to share this wonderful breed with new and old friends.

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