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Can Wearing Hats Cause Balding

Can Wearing Hats Cause Balding

Most grandparents tell their grandchildren who wear hats indoors that they will become bald. Dermatologists are asked if this is true or not all the time.

Some people wear hats to hide their hair loss. If you see someone with a hat all the time and then realize that he is bald or has thin hair, you may start thinking that the hat is the cause.

Hat wearing is not a cause of balding. Genetics is the main cause of hair loss. Whether it is a male pattern or female pattern baldness, they both are triggered genetically. These people have a higher sensitivity to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone than others.

The DHT hormone affects the hair follicles by forcing them to shrink. That is why many popular hair loss treatments work by decreasing or even preventing the production of dihydrotestosterone hormone.

Other factors contribute to the acceleration of hair loss and the development of baldness. For example, pulling hair back can weaken the hair follicles over time making the hair fall out after a while. This appears in people who make ponytails.
Hats do not produce this tightness. Try always to wear a hat that does not leave a mark on your skin. This mark is an indication that your hat is tight. It will not lead to baldness, but it may enhance the hair loss process, especially if baldness runs in your family.

Too tight hats can irritate your hair follicles and wearing them for years can be one of the contributing factors that damage your hair. In addition, you should be aware of the materials used to make the hat. The textile or the dye of the hat can play a role in enhancing hair loss, especially if they trigger scalp allergies and inflammations.

Another way to irritate your scalp is when you wear a hat while sweating. The salts accumulate and irritate your scalp leading to inflammations which can accelerate the hair loss process.

In general, hats are safe. They may contribute to baldness in certain ways, but wearing a hat is not a serious contributing factor to baldness.

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What Is The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment In The United States?

What Is The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment In The United States?

Hair loss affects almost 20% of the population of the United States. Every year, many people report hair loss and look for various treatments to fix this condition quickly. However, most of them don’t get the desired results as they don’t know what’s the most effective treatment to cure hair loss. In case you are also looking forward to finding the best hair loss treatment, then here is an option you can try. 


For a long time, people used to believe that hair transplant was their only way out of baldness. And since its cost was way beyond their budget, they wouldn’t go for it. That’s the reason why most people suffering from hair loss accepted it as their ultimate fate and never tried to look beyond hair transplant. 

Now that medical science has unearthed many mysteries regarding hair loss, you have multiple options to combat it. One of the best treatments that can get you guaranteed results in today’s scenario is SMP or scalp micro-pigmentation. SMP in Los Angeles has become incredibly popular due to its affordability and long-term results. Thousands of people opt for it every year and get the desired results that once seemed impossible. 

If you are also looking forward to ending your misery caused due to baldness, go for SMP without any second thought. It’s a simple treatment conducted through an electric tattooing device to deposit tiny hair pigments in your scalp area. SMP takes not more than a few hours to complete, and once the procedure is over, you can immediately return to your normal life like before. 

So, throw away all your doubts and get ready to revive your hair health immediately with the help of SMP in the United States.